5 bons motivos para usar uma capa de edredom

5 good reasons to use a duvet cover

When the theme is to make your bed cozy, the options are diverse. From sheets to duvets (remember the article “How to choose the right duvet for you”), there are countless possibilities to prepare a comfortable environment.

Therefore, choosing the perfect piece to fill your bedroom with softness must take into account some aspects and, believe me, using the duvet cover can be a good alternative for you.

Also known as a duvet , the duvet cover goes far beyond comfort and has several advantages ranging from aesthetics to versatility. Therefore, we present you with some reasons to use the duvet cover and make your bed even more comfortable.

The duvet cover and your bedroom decor

Regardless of the color of your duvet, using a duvet cover offers the possibility of recreating the decor of your bedroom environment, giving your bed a different touch. It's a very simple and quick way to create a new atmosphere in your room.

Increases the durability of your comforter

Finding the perfect comforter isn't always easy. Therefore, it is extremely important to find ways to preserve it for longer. In this sense, the duvet cover is an efficient way to preserve your duvet because, by avoiding direct contact with your skin, it reduces wear and tear.

Easy to wash

Another positive point of the duvet cover is its cleaning process. Comforters in general are heavier pieces. And when it is possible to wash them at home, this task is not an easy one. For this reason, using the duvet cover facilitates this process, since they are lighter. That way, you don't need to wash your comforter very often, which contributes to increasing its durability.

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The duvet cover can also play another role in your bedroom: that of replacing the bedspread. It is a simple way to decorate and that can create a different environment. To do this, just use it without the duvet inside and cover your bed, as you would with a quilt. It's always good to have alternatives.

Easy to store

When compared to blankets and comforters, duvet cover takes up much less storage space. Therefore, it is much easier to find a corner for this piece in your home.

Latest tips

Now that we talk about the advantages of the duvet cover, we suggest some tips for decorating your bed.

  • Play with colors and sizes of pillows and cushions: leaving the smaller pieces always at the front;
  • Mix colors and textures: use your imagination, combining different colors, but always leaving your bed in harmony with the rest of the room. And it doesn't have to be the same type of fabric.
  • If your room is painted white or in a neutral color, you can work with color palettes within grays with pink and baby blue. Of course this all depends on your taste. But it's playing with the pieces that you discover your style. So, don't be afraid to bet on creativity to create a striking decoration!

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Now that you already know all the advantages of investing in and using a duvet cover, just leave it to your imagination and choose the models that best match your style and your home to fill your bedroom with comfort, style and a lot of personality. .