Dormir melhor em 2023

7 tips to sleep better in 2023

For many Portuguese, with the arrival of the New Year, new challenges and new demands also arrive, which can sometimes make it difficult to sleep and enjoy nights of true rest.

Enjoying comfort is the best way to start 2023, so we have 7 tips to give your new year more restful nights!

sleep better

1. Try changing mattresses

In many cases, changing your mattress is one of the best ways to improve your sleep. Choosing a quality mattress is the essential basis for sleeping well, so you should choose a quality model that ensures maximum support and comfort for your body. Currently, there are already models created for the Portuguese climate that offer you a 100-night trial in the comfort of your home, so you can be sure it's the best investment. Don't forget that a good pillow can also make a difference.

2. Create rest routines

Having rest routines is one of the ways to have a peaceful sleep. One of the most important aspects is to stick to the same times for going to bed and waking up, as this helps your sleep cycles to be regular. Equally important is to maintain these routines during the weekend as well.

3. Practice physical exercise

Physical exercise causes the release of endorphins, creating a feeling of well-being and reducing everyday stress and anxiety.
Despite being an excellent way to relax and feel good, you should avoid exercising in the late afternoon and evening, as the result could be the opposite, making it difficult to fall asleep.

Physical exercises

4. Learn to manage stress and anxiety

Learning to manage stress and anxiety is one of the keys to your well-being. Try to organize your week, delegating tasks, maximizing your productivity and be sure to have some time for yourself, enjoying being able to do things you like or simply to relax.

5. Avoid coffee and energy drinks

Coffee and energy drinks contain caffeine, a stimulant that inhibits sleep. Avoid drinking these drinks, especially from mid-afternoon, if you need to drink coffee, opt for decaffeinated.

6. Consume light meals for dinner

At night meals should be light, as a heavy dinner can make digestion longer and thus make it difficult to fall asleep, and may even make sleep less deep and restless. If after dinner you still feel hungry, you should eat something light, such as seasonal fruit!

7. Create the ideal sleeping environment

To have a perfect sleep, avoid having electronic devices in your bedroom, as they can interfere with your moment of rest.

The bedroom should be quiet with a mild temperature, also taking into account the importance of having good bedding Some people report that they fall asleep more easily using white noise, often used to put babies to sleep. To complete the perfect environment you should choose to have a dark environment and also don't forget the importance of a pillow in the quality of your rest .

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Sleeping is one of the main actions that make our body regenerate every day, as it is through it that we regulate our metabolism and our energies, these being the essential factors to keep our body and mind healthy.

Follow these tips so that the year 2023 is full of good nights sleep.

Sweet dreams.