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The importance of having good bedding for the quality of your sleep

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Bedding greatly influences the quality of your sleep and, consequently, your health and performance during the day.

Choosing good bedding goes far beyond warmth and thermal comfort. The choice of fabric that will be in contact with the skin can bring benefits if chosen in the right way.

The importance of fiber

It's the fibers that define how soft and durable your bedding will be.

Give preference to 100% cotton bedding, as they have excellent durability, lightness, are soft and pleasant to the touch. Cotton is a natural fiber and this characteristic makes it even softer with each wash. If washed correctly, your cotton garments will last a long time without losing quality.

In addition, they provide greater ventilation of your skin and warm enough not to affect the quality of sleep. 100% cotton bedding and duvet covers are natural and therefore do not irritate the skin. Another benefit of this type of material is the practicality of cleaning, which reduces the presence of mites.

As a curiosity, according to experts, white bedding gives peace and tranquility. Therefore, bet on this color for the sheets.

100% Cotton Koala Sheets

The importance of the number of threads

To enjoy an even more welcoming atmosphere, choose bedding sets that have more than 200 threads. The amount of threads in a fabric is determined by the sum of the threads in the vertical and horizontal directions. The greater the number of threads, the greater the comfort and quality of the fabric.

Always fresh bedding is always comfortable bedding

Sleep quality is also related to the durability of your bedding. If you have old sheets, you won't have the comfort you need to sleep well. When washing, always follow the manufacturer's instructions. Always store your bedding in ventilated environments and preferably in some kind of box or bag that always preserves the smell and avoids contact with more humid places.

Keeping the above tips always up to date, you will realize how you will have more comfortable, durable bedding and, consequently, you will enhance the quality of sleep every night.


So that the whole family can snuggle with peace of mind and comfort, choose products that are certified, such as the OEKO TEX - Class 1 certificate, which attests to the safety of materials in contact with human skin, from newborns to adults.

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Thinking about the warmth of your rest, always think of 100% cotton sheets and duvet covers, and enjoy a harmonious atmosphere of comfort and lightness that invites you to rest and tranquility.

Investing in quality products will allow you to rock your sleep with unbelievable breathability and lightness, allowing for a relaxed night's sleep and its use throughout the year.

Favor neutral and soft tones to create a modern and current style to transmit a sense of tranquility and harmony to your bedroom.