A importância de uma almofada na qualidade do seu descanso

The importance of a pillow in the quality of your rest

As we mentioned in the article “ Learn the main characteristics of a good mattress ”, although the mattress is the protagonist of a peaceful night's sleep, the pillow is undoubtedly also very important. Knowing how to choose a good pillow can prevent back, shoulder and neck pain, in addition to ensuring more well-being and quality of sleep. Although it is so important, it is quite common for people not to know how to choose the ideal model for their profile and not even identify the moment to change it. To prevent this from happening to you, we've prepared some tips to help you choose the perfect pillow.

Choose your pillow

The ideal pillow is one that aligns the neck and head with the spine, regardless of the sleeping position. Therefore, she must fill the distance between the shoulder and the neck, so that both are well supported and the cervical spine is not forced. Ideally, the pillow should support the lateral curve of the neck, preserving the area and supporting the head and shoulders. A washable cover makes it more hygienic.

Types of Pillows

Foam Cushions
The foam pillows offer good support for the head and neck curvature, solidity and thermal insulation. Foam pillows can be latex or viscoelastic, the main difference being the fact that latex pillows are firmer and don't "sink" as much when someone lies down, quickly returning to their original shape .
feather pillows
Feather pillows are easily deformed, but when shaken, they spring back into shape. They adapt to the curvature of the neck, absorb moisture easily and have good ventilation. They are not recommended for allergic people.
Polyester Cushions
The polyester pillows provide good support for the head, if they don't compress too much with use, thermal comfort and adequate ventilation, even in summer.
Orthopedic Pillows
Orthopedic pillows are made up of two rollers: the higher one for when you sleep on your side and the lower one for sleeping on your back. But they are not very effective, as movements during sleep change the position of the head, which is no longer supported by the two height zones.
Rest better on the Koala Pillow

Don't forget to replace your pad with the proper frequency.

No matter how good the quality of the chosen pillow is, at some point it will no longer fully fulfill its function, causing pain or stiffness in the neck.

To prevent this from happening, make the exchange preferably once a year or at most every 2 years.

In addition to losing its initial shape, the pillow absorbs sweat, dead skin and hair cells and even the body's natural oils, which can cause unpleasant smells and create an environment conducive to the proliferation of mites.

Knowing that the head is the part of the human body that releases the most heat, some models like the Koala Pillow incorporate features that mitigate the aforementioned issues, such as the cotton and bamboo fiber cover (removable and washable) and the 360º side mesh ultra breathable and anti-perspirant, helping to dissipate heat from the inside and regulating the temperature while you sleep.

The interior of the Koala Pillow is made up of thousands of high quality foam flakes that mold to the different proportions of the head, respecting the natural curvature of the neck and spine throughout the entire night, including when moving. To guarantee a perfect nights sleep, don't forget that, regardless of the model chosen, the pillow must be a quality and excellent brand that respects the natural curvature of the neck regardless of the sleeping position, such as the Koala Pillow.