A melhor almofada para as noites de verão 

The best pillow for summer nights

As we mentioned in the article “ The importance of a pillow for the quality of your rest ”, although the mattress is the protagonist of a peaceful night's sleep, the pillow also plays a very important role .

With summer come hot days and the heat can prevent us from sleeping peacefully.

Being in direct contact with the head, the pillow receives all the heat from our body, so if you have a pillow that does not dissipate heat well, it is likely that you will feel uncomfortable during the night. That's why it's important that your pillow is breathable enough to allow you a cool and peaceful sleep.

Knowing that the head is the part of the human body that releases the most heat, some models incorporate features that help provide a cooler and more restful sleep, helping to dissipate the heat from within and regulating the temperature during sleep.

koala pillow

A good example is the Koala Cushion Cover (removable and washable) which combines the freshness of bamboo fibers with the softness of natural cotton and the breathability of the 360º micro-perforated side mesh.

However, you should not use the pad without proper protection. We recommend that you use pillowcases that ensure the pillow's breathability and freshness, but at the same time protect it from wear and tear that occurs over time. 100% cotton pillowcases , as they use natural fibers are a great option.


Summers are not only synonymous with longer days, but also with warmer nights. So take the opportunity to renovate your room. Bedding in neutral colors, cool pillows and breathable mattresses will help make your summer nights cooler and take your sleeping experience to another level of comfort.

Choose a pillow that dissipates the heat inside and regulates the temperature while you sleep.

Also favor products and fabrics with breathable characteristics such as cotton, which remove moisture from the body, helping to maintain a pleasant and uniform temperature.