Alergias de Primavera: Dicas para as evitar

Spring allergies: Tips to avoid them

The arrival of spring brings us longer days, sun, light and fresh clothes. But for some people, it's also itchy eyes, a sore nose and throat, sneezing, coughing, and lots of used tissue packs.

If this is the scenario you want to avoid this spring, there are several strategies that will help you prevent an allergy flare-up.

What are allergies

Allergies are a disproportionate response of the immune system to the environment around us. The cause of allergy varies – whether genetic, environmental or behavioral – and the allergic response can be mild or severe. Globally it reaches approximately one third of the population of Europe, with a tendency to grow and Portugal follows this pattern.

The causes

In recent years, due to global warming, plants have received extra doses of heat and carbon dioxide which has increased flora production, resulting in more pollen floating in the air.

Increasing air pollution helps their transport and absorption by the human body.

Woman sleeps without allergies

Is it possible to prevent or reduce the likelihood of allergies?

Generally, those who have a more serious allergy know how to protect themselves, because they know the allergenic agent or agents that cause it and how to avoid them.

It's the milder allergies, like the ones that many people suffer without appreciating, that deserve attention. It's especially in spring, with pollens in the air and mites in houses that the cold hasn't let air out, that some tips can be useful to avoid sneezing attacks, itchy nose or the feeling of congestion in the eyes.

7 tips to avoid spring allergies at home

  • Keep the house properly ventilated, but without excesses: ventilate it only at the end of the day and do not sleep with an open window. If you have to, close it at dawn, around 4 am (the time when the pollens start to float).
  • Avoid carpets and rugs. Prefer varnished wood, mosaic or surfaces that are easy to wash.
  • Use recent mattresses and pillows , as they will potentially have less dust mites.
  • Choose 100% cotton sheets and wash bed linen with water at temperatures above 40º C.
  • Remove objects from the room that accumulate dust, such as books, soft toys or tapestries.
  • Vacuum your home more often with a high-efficiency (HEPA) filter vacuum.
  • Keep the relative humidity of the environment below 50%.

Woman reads in the bedroom


Enjoy the good weather of Spring to the full, taking some precautions that will help you avoid allergies. If you suspect that you may be allergic to something, be sure to consult an immunoalergologist. Only then will you know exactly how to proceed.

Consult the pollen bulletin for your region to find out the pollen concentration level. On days when these rates are higher, take precautions with proper medication and try to spend as little time as possible in green spaces. Consult your doctor before any administration.

The content of this article is informative and does not exempt you from consulting your doctor.