Cama ou Sommier, qual escolher?

Bed or Bed base, which one to choose?

The structure on which your mattress is based is one of the main elements in the quality of your sleep.

With a weak and inadequate support, your mattress will not provide adequate support to your body. And this can have consequences on your health over time:

  • Scoliosis: deviated and deformed spine in the shape of an “S”
  • Hernia: the disc between the vertebrae wears out and can become displaced
  • Low back pain: pain in the lower back
  • Osteoarthritis: weakened and blocked spine

In fact, knowing that Different structures can give different sensations of firmness to the same mattress and even influence its durability, the importance of making the right choice becomes even more evident. That's why it's so important to invest in a struture that's right for you.

Don't know whether to choose Bed or Bed Base? Don't worry! We have prepared some tips to help with your choice.

The first thing you need to know when choosing between a bed or a Bed Base is what each one consists of and what their respective advantages are.


The bed has been the traditional support option for mattresses. It is produced in different materials and consists of a structure, which includes a set of slats, which support the weight of the mattress.

Advantages of the Bed:

  • The support and fitting surface of the base prevents the mattress from slipping
  • Cushions and supports movements
  • Ensures effective mattress ventilation
  • Allows easy handling and cleaning

Bed Base

A Bed Base is a solid drawer-shaped structure, which may or may not be covered with fabric and personalized in the color that suits you best. It serves as support for the mattress and in some cases also functions as a storage space.

Advantages of Bed Base:

  • The support surface is more stable and therefore ensures greater durability of the mattress
  • Provides greater comfort, support and stability, cushioning the weight of the body and the pressure it exerts on the mattress
  • Enables effective ventilation of the mattress (as long as it does not have storage drawer(s), as this feature inhibits air circulation)
  • Possibility of customization
When should I choose a bed?

The bed is a little more flexible than the Bed Base, in that it adapts to all types of mattresses of different types and firmness. For example, a spring mattress is only suitable for use with a spring mattress.

The bed also allows good air circulation, which is recommended, for example if you have an old mattress, to avoid the accumulation of humidity and bad odors.

When should you choose a Bed Base?

Choosing a Bed Base is the best option if you are looking for maximum firmness and stability for your mattress. Furthermore, as it has a more robust structure, it tends to last longer. The Bed Base is also your best option if you like higher beds. Another aspect is the design, as the Bed Basehave a modern, elegant and minimalist line that goes very well with all styles.


All mattresses need good support. Don't forget that choosing a perfect bed or Bed Base is just as important as having a good mattress or a good pillow.

When it comes to choosing a bed or Bed Base, you must take into account aspects such as the support and stability it provides, the durability, among others.

Also pay attention to the manufacturing quality. The use of superior quality materials ensures greater resistance and durability, making your investment profitable.

Both options have advantages and disadvantages, but in general, you should always prioritize the quality and adaptability that a bed or Bed Base represents for you and your profile.