Colchão de molas ou espuma, qual escolher?

Spring or foam mattress, which one to choose?

The technology of spring mattresses is quite old. They have good breathability, due to the air circulation between the springs, but there are more recent materials that adapt differently to the different pressures exerted on the mattress, such as movement isolation technology, more difficult in a spring mattress.

They allow the correct support, but avoid the progressive sinking of the body, because the action of the springs accepts the weight of the body but tends to push it upwards, until they reach the maximum extension.

With the evolution of technology , foam mattresses have emerged , state-of-the-art materials that combine support, durability and a competitive price. They provide high comfort, support, firmness and can even have movement isolation technology. Some brands combine a combination of materials that not only offer greater comfort but also greater breathability, bringing together the best of both worlds.

For example, in the Koala mattress , the top layer is made of micro-perforated latex, allowing air circulation and breathability, thus preventing the accumulation of heat on the surface and providing a fresh sleep.

Koala Mattress Layers

Choose the mattress that best ensures even weight distribution and ensures support for different parts of your body.

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