Como dormir melhor no verão e em dias mais quentes

How to sleep better in summer and on warmer days

According to several studies, sleep disorders increase by an average of 11% as thermometers show an increase of 1°C, that is, with each additional degree of temperature there is a potential increase in cases of sleep disorders.

During hot summer nights, the outside temperature can make it difficult to balance our internal temperature. In this way, the heat prevents you from enjoying a quality sleep. Hence the importance of the tips that we present below, so that you can sleep well on hot summer days. 

Take a cool shower before going to bed

A cooler shower is an excellent way to lower your body temperature before bed, as well as helping you relax. Another trick is to put your wrists or the inner part of your arm under running water for 30 seconds. In these places, the blood flow is closer to the surface and thus you will enjoy a feeling of thermal comfort in the rest of the body.

Opt for LED bulbs

In addition to using less energy, LED bulbs do not emit heat. If you still haven't found enough reasons to change the light bulbs in your house, here's one more.

Favor breathable pillows

Although the mattress is the protagonist of a peaceful night's sleep, the pillow also plays a very important role.

The best pillow for summer nights is one whose breathability features allow you to sleep cool and peaceful.

We also recommend using pillow cases that reinforce the breathability and freshness of the pillow, but at the same time protect it from wear and tear that occurs over time. 100% cotton pillow cases, as they use natural fibers and are a great option.

Opt for a fresh mattress

The more breathable a mattress is, the less heat it stores. Because of this, it is important that its core allows air circulation. For example, the Koala Mattress ensures cool nights because its core is made up of different foams that facilitate effective ventilation. In addition, its upper layer of micro-perforated latex increases air circulation during rest.

Use 100% cotton bedding

If you want to have perfect sheets for cooler summer nights, choose 100% natural fabrics in light colors, which are more breathable and lightweight. This is the case with cotton, which is highly breathable and therefore suitable for summer nights. Favor products and fabrics with breathability characteristics that remove moisture from the body, helping to maintain a pleasant and uniform temperature.

Choose a bed base that promotes air circulation

There are countless advantages in choosing a bed base. However, you should avoid bed bases with drawers as they inhibit the necessary and essential air circulation.

A bed base without drawers or storage and with a platform with spaced slats, guarantees the correct dissipation of heat, ensuring air circulation for a cooler and more restful sleep.


During the hottest days, these tips can make a difference in the quality of your sleep. Enjoy the heat of summer days and relax at night, close your eyes and enjoy a cooler sleep!