Como escolher a cama ideal

How to choose the perfect bed

Beds are essential to contribute to rest and ensure the quality of a great night's sleep. A good night's sleep is a guarantee for disposition, vitality, productivity at work, good humor and harmony in the relationship.

Therefore, it is important to pay a lot of attention before choosing the right bed. To help you choose the ideal bed, we have prepared a set of tips to take into account.

Bed and bedroom decor style

The bed must harmoniously integrate the set of elements that make up the bedroom decoration style, be it modern, contemporary, classic, vintage, retro, rustic or otherwise.

On the other hand, your bed will simultaneously have some functions in addition to the quality of sleep, which requires you to be aware of the type of functionality you want. This is the opportunity to unite aesthetics, comfort and usefulness.

Also, remember that the mattress and pillow are fundamental and extremely important items to provide the rest you deserve.

bed size

Bed size vs room size

Bed and room dimensions

The word that should dictate the choice of a bed is proportion, that is, there is no point in choosing a large bed for a small room, as it is necessary to leave room for circulating around.

On the other hand, one should not fall into the opposite extreme, as the bed needs to be a minimum size for one or two people to fit lying on it. It is advisable to leave a minimum space of 70 cm on each side of the bed.

Alternatively, to reconcile both needs (size of bed and room) you can place the bed in the corners of the room, thus facilitating circulation.

Bed and headboard height

Ideally, the height of the bed, from the floor to the top, should be 60 cm or more, where the mattress should be 25 to 30 cm high.

Finally, it is necessary to take into account when choosing whether the bed will have a headboard or not . This furniture section helps with thermal insulation between the bed and the wall, also assuming an aesthetic function.

bed type

Bed types

With or without a headboard, in iron or wood, with drawers and chests, there are several types of beds for all decoration styles.

But before opting for a particular type, it should be borne in mind that the choice must harmonize with the rest of the furniture in the bedroom, as well as with the material they are made of.

Wood is an excellent alternative to use as a support and also goes well with the rest of the furniture and accessories.

Which mattress to choose?

If on the one hand the choice of bed is much more than an aesthetic decision and measurements, it is important that you know the main characteristics of a good mattress, as this will determine comfort and a good night's sleep.

Choosing the ideal mattress is an investment in your quality of life, so when choosing a mattress, make sure the brand focuses on quality. A good example is the Koala Rest mattress , a 100% Portuguese brand that created a unique universal comfort mattress with 3 distinct layers that meet the needs of most Portuguese people.

Which pillow to choose?

As important as the choice of mattress for the bed is the choice of pillows. The importance of a pillow in the quality of your rest should not be overlooked as it is absolutely essential for a comforting and healthy sleep. For example, the Koala Pillow is designed to provide the perfect balance of support and softness that snuggles up to you, in any sleeping position.


It never hurts to remember the importance of having good bedding for the quality of your sleep. Beds need some accessories, from sheet sets, to duvets and duvet slipcovers so you can sleep comfortably. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the exact measurements of the bed, that is, length, width and height.

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Personal taste, room space and even purpose will be key to choosing the perfect bed for you! When choosing your bed, prioritize comfort, quality and durability. Regardless of your choice, remember that as far as sleep comfort is concerned, it should always be seen as an investment in your quality of life. Have a good rest!