Como escolher a medida do seu colchão?

How to choose the size of your mattress?

As we mentioned in the article “Know the main characteristics of a good mattress when you choose a mattress that suits your shape and needs, it becomes your number one ally for your sleep.

So how to choose your mattress measure?

Well, most of the time the answer is simple: if you're just changing the mattress and keeping your bed, you'll just have to buy your new mattress in the same size as the old one.

If you buy a new bed, in principle the size of the mattress should match the size of the mattress that fits your new bed.

However, it is very important to measure the space of the bed in which the mattress will be placed . This is particularly relevant as in some beds (for example the 140x200 cm), the space for place the mattress does not always correspond to a mattress of the size 140x200 cm.

On the other hand, even if the mattress is placed right on the bed, it may prevent you from placing the sheets and blankets in a practical and convenient way. So don't forget to always measure the space where the mattress will be, as this is the best way to make sure you will have a mattress that fits your bed and will be comfortable for many years to come.

The main measurements of mattresses:

In Portugal, it is customary to mention that mattresses are single, half-body or double. However, when buying a mattress, this information is insufficient. Therefore, we have prepared some tips to help you when making your decision.

single mattress

Single or Single Mattress

The most common measurements for single mattresses are 90×200 cm (standard mattress ) or 90 ×190 cm (custom-made mattress ). Beds with these mattresses are perfect for children, teenagers and single adults. They are often used in small rooms with little space. Some people join two single mattresses together to create a double mattress to allow both people sharing the bed to move freely without disturbing their partner's sleep. However, currently there are mattresses with movement isolation that respond to this need.

Body and Half Mattress

Mattress for half bed

In Portugal we know the dimensions 120x190 cm or 120x200 cm (both custom-made mattress ) as a semi-double bed. It is often used as a middle ground between a single bed and a double bed, for people who like to have more space to move around during the night. It can also be used by couples but it is not recommended, as each person will have little space to move around and over time it can become quite uncomfortable to sleep in a bed with reduced dimensions.

double mattress

Double mattress

In double mattresses, the most common measure is 160×200 cm ( standard mattress ). This measurement is the standard measurement in Portugal, which is perfectly suited to the bed frames currently on the market.

The double mattress ranges from the standard width mentioned above to measures such as 170 × 190 cm, 180 × 190 cm, up to the Double King Size 200×200 cm (all mattresses made to measure).

At the moment, one of the trends in Portugal is the growing demand for the 180x200 cm size , as it allows for a mattress with more space and greater comfort for the couple to rest. There are measures even higher than the King Size but this one is spacious enough for those who like to move comfortably while sleeping.

Aware of the difficulty of finding the best mattress for each situation, the Portuguese company Koala , emerged to respond to the demand for different and customizable mattress dimensions. So Koala produces more than 10,000 different dimensions of the Koala Mattress , so you won't have any difficulty finding the format you want - either standard or made-to-measure and with customizable height - with free delivery in less than 4 working days, all over the country.

A final tip: regardless of the size of your mattress, also take into account its height, keeping in mind not only your comfort, but also its suitability for the bed structure.


Although there are standard sizes for each type of mattress, it is always advisable to measure your bed frame with attention to detail to avoid the risk of having to return the mattress.

It is also important that you test your new mattress in the comfort of your own home, for at least two weeks, which is approximately the period of time that the body takes to adapt to the characteristics of the new mattress. That is why it is important that, when buying a new mattress, you choose a brand that produces mattresses designed according to the climate and preferences of Portuguese consumers and that offer a 100-night trial for your mattress.

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