Como escolher um colchão para aliviar as dores nas costas

How to choose a mattress to relieve back pain

Sleeping on an inadequate mattress, old or with a deformed surface, can cause or worsen back pain.

For this reason, it is very important that your mattress provides good support and adapts to the natural shape of your body.

In this sense, we present the main aspects that you should take into account when choosing, so that the new mattress is the number one ally of your sleep.

Foam or spring mattresses?

Foam mattresses are increasingly being recommended, as they adapt easily to the contours of the body and offer greater support and comfort .

A group of patients with chronic back pain underwent a study for the medical journal Spine in 2008. Subjects were asked to sleep on different types of mattresses. The results allowed us to conclude that foam mattresses positively influenced the symptoms of back pain and the participants' sleep quality.

Firmness level: soft or firm?

Several studies indicate that the best option is to opt for a firm but comfortable mattress . These features make the mattress provide you with the right support, adapt to your body's natural curvature and relieve pressure points, regardless of your sleeping position.

This level of firmness allows the surface of the mattress to adapt to each pressure zone, regardless of your weight or height, thus providing a firm but comfortable sleep with a perfectly aligned cervical posture.

Remember that the important thing is for a mattress to be more firm and elastic to provide the support your body needs. The mattress should fit the contours of your body, relieving pressure on your shoulders and pelvis so you feel supported but not sagging.

Bear in mind that an excessively firm mattress (as is the case with many spring mattresses) means that the body is not in full contact with the surface. You will have less support in some parts of your body, putting more pressure on your shoulders and hips.

On the other hand, a soft mattress can cause the body to sink in more, which increases the feeling of heat due to poor ventilation and makes it difficult to move during sleep, as well as favoring bad postures during the night.


The dimension and thickness of the mattress must be adapted to your individual characteristics (mainly height and weight), in order to ensure that it fully adapts to your body morphology. It is equally important that the mattress adapts to the characteristics of your bed, particularly the size of the base where the mattress rests.

When it suits you, a mattress is undoubtedly the number one ally for your sleep. That's why it's important that you know the main characteristics of a good mattress and that you know how to choose the most suitable one for your case.

Motion isolation

We recommend mattresses that provide movement isolation where it occurs, as they allow one of the couple to move and the other not to feel the movement. Thus, both members of the couple will be able to have restful nights of sleep without interruptions and without interfering with the quality of each other's sleep.


There are mattresses on the Portuguese market with a guarantee that can range from 2 to 10 years. Choose a mattress with a longer warranty period, as in addition to making your investment profitable, it will ensure that you fully benefit from the properties of your mattress for a longer period of time, avoiding embarrassment with issues associated with defects or deformations or a mattress that has to be changed after a few days. years, leading to further cost and poor nights sleep in the meantime.


Purchasing a mattress is a matter that depends on several individual characteristics of its user. Before purchasing a new mattress, try it out in the store before making a decision, taking into account the points discussed above.

However, bear in mind that the real experience will be trying the mattress in the comfort of your own home, so you should look for a brand that offers you a 100-night free trial and guarantees a money-back guarantee if the new mattress doesn't fit.