Como escolher o melhor colchão para o berço do seu bebé?

How to choose the best mattress for your baby's crib?

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A long and restful sleep is essential for the little ones to grow up healthy and strong and for parents to have more restful nights.

Children need to start the day full of energy to learn and play, which is why it is so important to choose the mattress option that best suits your baby's needs.

We will then help you choose the best mattress for children, indicating what you should take into account when choosing it, and we will also dedicate a space to talk about another equally important subject, cleaning and protecting a children's mattress.

Koala baby mattress + bed

Choosing a mattress for children

Don't buy used

Sometimes we want to save money and think about buying used products. While this is a smart practice, how effective it is will depend on the product. Thinking about mattresses, it is not interesting, because it can arrive with the foam / springs already worn out, with stains and without the ideal quality. This can of course harm your baby's health, not to mention the more than likely probability of having to buy another mattress again, so it makes more sense to invest just once. Your baby's mattress should be the ideal support for your child to enjoy a restful and comfortable sleep.

Comfort and Security

When choosing a mattress for your baby, the first concern should be comfort and safety. In this way, your child will be able to enjoy a quality sleep, with fewer awakenings at night, which will help in their physical and psychological development.

However, choosing a baby mattress is a bit more difficult. You cannot test it yourself, so your decision criteria must be based on the composition of the materials and fabrics used in its production.


The need for body support is of vital importance in a baby, so it is not recommended that babies don't sleep on spring mattresses, but rather on foam mattresses, as they provide a better adaptation to the contours of the body, aligning the posture of the spine.

baby mattress


When choosing a mattress for children, the first thing to consider is the age of the child. Obviously, it's not the same as just being a six-year-old baby. Thus, up to 3 years old, the most important thing is that the mattress is comfortable, adapting to the contours of the body.

From 3 years onwards, the important thing is to choose a mattress that adapts to the contours of the baby's body and that simultaneously ensures support and comfort. This need for body support implies that spring mattresses are not recommended, but rather viscoelastic foam mattresses with densities above the market average, to ensure the necessary support for the baby's body.


As far as height is concerned, it is not necessary for the mattress to be as tall as that of an adult, between 10 and 18 cm is sufficient. A thicker mattress will not provide any extra comfort. It is important to choose a baby mattress that perfectly matches the dimensions of the bed. There should be no space between the mattress and the crib rails. It could be dangerous to fill a gap with a towel or a rolled up comforter.


To provide your child with a quality sleep while taking care of their health, well-being and ambience, prefer a mattress made from certified materials.

The Koala baby mattress, for example, is produced without any chemical treatment and the glue that holds the foams together is water-based, which eliminates the risk of an allergic reaction when the baby is in contact with the mattress. The Oeko Tex - Class 1 Standard 100 certification ensures the mattress is safe in contact with newborns' skin and the environment.

Greater breathability ensures good air circulation between the fibres, so moisture is better dissipated and the baby sweats much less, limiting the risk of waking up during the night.

Excellent moisture removal, limits the proliferation of bacteria and mites.

Cleaning and Protection

Most parents are concerned about cleaning their child's mattress of urine or what they can do to prevent their child's mattress from being ruined by accidents.

Regular washing of the mattress fabric in the machine is much more effective than a chemical anti-dust mite treatment and much healthier for your baby's health. For example, in the Koala baby mattress all materials are hypoallergenic to prevent the accumulation of fungus, mites and bacteria

Another very important aspect is that the mattress has a removable waterproof cover that combines impermeability and breathability, as it will facilitates cleaning if your baby has a mishap and ensures the protection of the mattress.

baby koala mattress

Is buying the Crib with the mattress worth it?

In several stores, we find the opportunity to buy the crib and its mattress, but this is not always a good option. To be worthwhile, the mattress has to follow all the requirements described in this article. Otherwise, you will probably still feel the need to buy a really suitable mattress again, having to invest in the same solution twice.


The ideal mattress for babies is one that doesn't sink too low. This means that it is neither too hard nor too soft. In other words, the mattress needs to be firm, but at the same time, very comfortable.

And all parts of the baby's body need to receive the same support, so the inclination of the head, shoulders or waist cannot be much higher compared to other parts of the body. When you lay your baby to sleep, you need to make sure they are is comfortably wrapped in the mattress foam.

Do not forget that the mattress must be hypoallergenic as the baby's immunity is still being strengthened, so it is an effective way to avoid allergies.

In addition, mattresses wrapped with a waterproof slipcover greatly facilitate hygiene and protect and prolong the life of the mattress.