Conhece a lombalgia de verão? Previna-a!

Do you know about the summer lumbago? Prevent it!

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In Portugal, it is estimated that 7 out of 10 people suffer from lumbago, which often gets worse during the summer, for no apparent reason.

It is very common that during the vacation period some lumbar pain may appear. Either because of changes in routine, practicing new physical activities, periods of long trips, changing mattresses (Koala Mattress page) and pillows (Koala Pillow page) or simply because the body is at rest.

Lumbago can also arise from overweight activities, excessive effort that injures your back during a normal task and/or bad posture habits.

So that you can fully enjoy the summer and with quality of life, we have prepared 10 tips to help take care of your spine:

Do not take unnecessary items to the beach to avoid being overweight

Beach bags are not designed to carry a lot of weight. Swapping a beach bag for a backpack with a double strap can make a difference, as the weight will be distributed evenly, ensuring good back support. Cargo weight should not exceed 10% of body weight.

Avoid being overweight

At the beach avoid positions that require effort from the spine

When we lie down on a towel at the beach, the sand doesn't mold according to the body's ergonomic structure. Avoid staying more than 30 minutes in the same position on the towel and lying on your stomach, as this position forces the neck to be at a complete angle to the left or right, which leads to the accumulation of tension in that area and also on the back.

Sit comfortably but with the correct posture

Even if you are on the beach, you should sit comfortably, but correctly. Sitting down with your back straight and with a correct posture is essential to eliminate back and neck pain, as blood circulation becomes complete and the muscles lose the accumulated tension, responsible for discomfort and pain.

Do not stay in the same position for too long

Avoid staying in the same position for a long time, namely spending too much time standing. Staying in the same position for a long time can make the spine more rigid, increasing muscle tension and back pain. Exercise your body's muscles by shifting your foot or stretching your arms to stretch your muscles.

Don´t stay in the same position

Keep moving

Take advantage of the good weather to walk on the beach or in the countryside. When hiking, avoid wearing flip-flops and flat sandals, as this type of footwear does not provide enough support for the spine. Choose shoes with a height of up to 2 cm at the sole.

Practise sport

Summer is the ideal time to practice sports, especially outdoors. Take the opportunity to ride a bike, practice pilates or any other physical activity. The practice of moderate physical activity helps to prevent pain, and it is important to maintain or increase muscle flexibility.

Be careful when diving

On the beach, pay attention to the position adopted during the dive, but also to the place where you do it, due to the depth and potential existence of rocks. Diving is now the third leading cause of spinal cord injuries.

Get some sun (moderately)

The change to daylight savings affects sleep, so enjoying the sun, moderately, it is a fundamental component for the health and functioning of the body. It is through the ultraviolet B type rays that the body obtains vitamin D, which in turn facilitates the absorption of calcium and strengthens the bones, preventing injuries to the spine.
Children at the beach

Beware of falls and children pranks

Pay attention to the games that take place on the beach, particularly in the case of children. Jumping and “piggybacking”, being sudden and unexpected movements, can create injuries. Also pay special attention to falls on slippery floors near pools.

Prepare for long trips

Before the trip it is important to have a good night's sleep. On the other hand, longer trips can be a reflection of more luggage, therefore, more weight. Divide the weight between more than one suitcase and prefer suitcases with wheels. On a plane trip, if you sleep, opt for a neck support pillow and to relieve the tension caused by sitting for a long time, place a pillow on your lumbar and get up to exercise your legs.


During the holidays it is important to enjoy time with family and friends, but we must not neglect the health of our backs.

Prevention is the best way to avoid summer lumbago. Therefore, in addition to these tips, choose to sleep on a mattress that ensures correct alignment of the spine and avoids back pain.

Likewise, favor a pillow that ensures the correct alignment of your spine, preventing the onset of low back pain and ensuring the well-being of your back.

Follow these tips and enjoy the summer with quality of life. And an extra final tip: drink lots of water! After all, your joints need to be very well hydrated.