Já sente as noites mais frias? Saiba como escolher o melhor edredom!

Do you already feel the coldest nights? Learn how to choose the best comforter!

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According to recent information, the La Niña phenomenon will make the coming winter bring with it extreme cold.

For this reason, and with the arrival of colder days approaching, the season calls for bedding that allows you to enjoy comfortable and cozy nights. An excellent bet is to purchase quality bedding: Duvets, Duvet Covers and Bedding Sets.

The duvet is an essential item on your bed, as it combines comfort and warmth. Want to know how to choose the ideal comforter? We've prepared some exclusive tips to help you make your choice!

Fabric typology

To make the bedroom more cozy and make your nights sleep more pleasant, it is essential to be careful when choosing the fabric of your duvet. The duvets produced with 100% Downproof Cotton prevent the filling feathers from coming out and also prevents the accumulation of mites, fungi and/or bacteria inside the duvet.

Choose a comforter fabric design with individual squares, as this allows for even feather distribution.

100% Cotton Downproof Duvet

Number of threads

Another requirement when choosing a comforter is the number of threads, that is, the number of threads per inch of fabric. This feature will help define the softness and comfort offered by the comforter. The higher the thread count, the warmer, cozier and softer the comforter will be. From 200 threads, the piece is a great choice.


Prefer duvets filled with natural materials, such as feathers and/or down - from duck or goose - as they are the ones with the best thermal and breathability properties. Every feather and down contains countless tiny air balls that create a natural system to ensure your body temperature stays stable throughout the night.

Another important aspect to take into account in your choice is the grammage of the padding. Opt for a grammage of at least 430 grams/m².

Safety and comfort for the whole family

Give preference to hypoallergenic duvets, as low temperatures cause respiratory problems and allergies. The hypoallergenic materials prevent the accumulation of dust mites, fungi or bacteria inside the duvet.

So that the whole family can snuggle up in peace and comfort, favor duvets with the NOMITE certificate , which attests to their safety for those suffering from asthma or allergies to dust.

Another important certification is OEKO TEX - Class 1 , which guarantees the safety of materials in contact with human skin, from newborns to adults.

Duvet with certification

Duvet cover and bedding sets

Although the focus of this article is to help you choose the best comforter, the importance of having good bedding for the quality of your sleep cannot be overemphasized .

As we discussed in the article 5 good reasons to use a duvet cover , the duvet cover is also a very comfortable and versatile option. Works like a second skin for a perfect rest. In addition to giving your room a modern touch, it also provides extra comfort and warmth, and is easy to clean.

Also bet on high quality bedding sets, and that way you will be able to use them for several years, in different seasons.

In order not to fail when choosing either the duvet cover or the bedding set, take into account the weaves of the fabrics. A duvet cover or bedding set made of 100% cotton percale is highly breathable, lightweight and durable. Favor items over 230 thread count, well above the market average.

A duvet cover or bedding set made of 100% satin cotton results in softer, smoother and more sophisticated pieces. Favor items over 250 threads, well above the market average.

Koala Duvet Covers - Percal or Satin


With the help of these tips, it will certainly be easier to choose the ideal duvet for the cold weather ahead. If you don't remember each of these tips at the time of purchase, remember that while bedding should be light and fresh in summer, in winter it needs to be warmer and cozier.

One last note: prefer neutral and soft tones to create an elegant, welcoming and harmonious atmosphere in your bedroom!

Now that you know how to choose your duvet, enjoy nights with the warmth of a 5-star hotel room, in the comfort of your own home.