Lençóis perfeitos para noites de verão mais frescas!

Perfect sheets for cooler summer nights!

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On summer nights, do you find it difficult to find a position in bed to keep cool?

Then you'll want to have sheets that provide you with a soft and comfortable freshness.

Creating a relaxing atmosphere is the key to a peaceful, restful sleep. Believe it, the simple act of changing your sheets and pillowcases can help improve your sleep by keeping you fresh, night after night.

Sheets made from synthetic fibers are not very breathable and increase heat. Choose natural fibers such as cotton, which are more breathable and promote ventilation and air circulation in the bedroom.

Opt for light colored sheets as they reflect heat while dark tones absorb it.

One last suggestion: choose your new bedding according to the measurements of your mattress, ensuring that they evenly cover the mattress.
Are you still wondering which sheets to choose? These are our suggestions for summer freshness and elegance, produced in Portugal:

Koala Bedding Set

Bedding 100% Cotton 280 Thread Count Percal

Produced with 280 thread count to provide not only durability, but also greater lightness and softness to the touch, which increases with each wash. It has high breathability and is hypoallergenic, making it a good option even for people with sensitive skin. The fibers help create a harmonious atmosphere and help prevent moisture, keeping the skin fresh and dry.

Koala percale bedding set

Bedding 100% Satin Cotton 300 Thread Count

Produced with 300 thread count to provide a satin, smooth surface and a very soft fabric. Hand-finished, it helps provide a peaceful and comfortable night's sleep, creating the coziness of a 5-star hotel room, in the comfort of your own home.


100% cotton fabrics, capable of regulating temperature, are an excellent choice for enjoying a peaceful sleep during hot summer nights. They help maintain temperature throughout the night and keep you cool and dry until morning.