Nas férias o seu sono provavelmente vai mudar!

On vacation your sleep will probably change!

Do you feel that you sleep better during the holidays?

Summer break days mean slowing down, spending more time outdoors and lingering meals with friends.
Understand what changes in your sleep and how it influences your summer nights.

More exposure to sunlight

Sunlight helps to synchronize the biological rhythm and improve the quality of sleep.

Less worries

Emotional decompression and mental relaxation are beneficial for the body, mind and naturally also to improve the quality of sleep.

rest in summer with koala rest
Less appointments

Freely defining our own schedules and slowing down the rhythm help the body to rest in line with rest needs.

More social life

Leisure time and socializing with family and friends increase levels of oxytocin (the love hormone) and reduce cortisol (the stress hormone).

how to sleep better in summer


Now that you know what can help you sleep better in the summer, how about trying to maintain some of these habits after your holidays?