Saiba como ajustar o horário do sono depois das férias!

Learn how to adjust sleep schedule after vacation!

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Some people manifest post-vacation syndrome when the rest days are over.

Fatigue, sleep and appetite disorders, lack of motivation and irritability are some of the symptoms. Nothing pathological, and in most cases it's just the body adapting to the return to routine.

Usually this state tends to disappear in less than two weeks, but when it exceeds that period it can become harmful to sleep. The ideal is to anticipate this moment and make a smooth transition. Take note of these practical tips to help you enjoy restful, restful sleep.

Reading before bed is good practice Make sleeping an important moment

The brain needs 2 to 3 hours to disconnect from daily activities. In your room, swap electronic equipment for a short reading before bed. On the other hand, if your mattress and pillow need to be replaced, don't hesitate, as they are essential for restful sleep.

Practice physical exercise

Exercising helps release endorphins that increase feelings of well-being. Keep in mind that the exercise should preferably be done three to four hours before bedtime.

Priorize healthy eating

Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables and avoid alcohol, sweets and fats. This attitude will help to increase the feeling of well-being.

Educate the mind

Meditation and/or yoga help to discipline the way we think and, with that, help to avoid negative feelings and anxiety, which are the enemies of peaceful nights.

Get your sleep back on vacation


Coming back from vacation is synonymous with recharged batteries. So take advantage of this energy and extend it over the next few months, adopting small acts that will bring you great benefits.