Sabia que a cor do quarto pode mudar a qualidade do seu sono?

Did you know that the color of the bedroom can change the quality of your sleep?

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Did you know that the color of the bedroom can change the quality of your sleep?

Decorating a bedroom allows you to creatively use different colors, textures, patterns and materials, and in this way create a harmonious space that helps to lull dreams and sleep better.

That's why it's so important to know the effect that colors have when we relax and rest peacefully, because peaceful and invigorating nights of sleep not only help to strengthen the immune system. This aspect is particularly important at a time when the body is more sensitive to spring allergies.

Room with natural light

What are the ideal colors for a bedroom?

Although science and some therapies, such as Chromotherapy, identify the colors that most favor sleep, the objective is not to have a monochromatic room, but rather to use an appropriate combination of tones that is harmonious and that favors our rest.

These are the main colors that will help you enjoy a more restful sleep:

More relaxing colors for sleep


A study carried out by the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom concluded that the most relaxing color is blue. It connects us with the calming side of nature: with the sea, the river, the sound of water, the sky and the clouds. Blue has been shown to have the power to lower blood pressure like no other color, causing drowsiness and inducing sleep.

Blue Room


Another great sleeping color is yellow! A soft yellow tone, it has the ability to relax the nervous system. A delicate tone, which gives the brain a feeling of heat, just like when we feel the rays of the sun on our skin.

yellow room


Green is another top 3 best color for sleep . Another color that reminds us of nature, vegetation, growth, life. It is extremely relaxing and, according to Feng Shui , which seeks a harmonious order of space, it is a color that favors the growth of new projects, being especially recommended in children's rooms, who are constantly in a learning process.

green room

Other colors that provide peace and tranquility?

The use of soft and neutral colors helps convey serenity, as they suggest to the brain that it is in a safe and suitable place to sleep. In this palette you will find shades such as white, light shades of grey, beige, light pink, among others.

neutral room


Get creative and decorate your room by combining neutral colors with more vibrant colors. Look for a point of balance and harmony in the various elements that can be colored: walls, bedding, decorative pillows, rugs and decorative accessories.

Finally, also bet on textiles produced with natural fibers with simple motifs and don't overlook the importance of having good bed linen for the quality of your sleep.

Your sleep will thank you!

Now that you know how colors influence rest, choose the one that suits you and create your dream environment.