Vantagens de escolher um Sommier

Advantages of choosing a Sommier

Imagine that you are decorating your room. Acquired the mattress of your dreams; the perfect pillow for cozy nights and even bought a bedding set and a comfy feather duvet to cradle your dreams.

But one essential element is still missing for a perfect rest: the sommier!

Representing a true support for the mattress, the sommier plays a very important role in the quality and comfort of your rest. Lined, with springs, with slats or articulated, each type of sommier has its own specificities. The sommier supports about 1/3 of movements while we sleep and is therefore an essential complement to provide adequate support to our body during rest. It is therefore important to choose it carefully!

the best sommier

A sommier has advantages not only for the protection and maintenance of your mattress, but also for the quality and tranquility of your night's sleep.

  • Ensures the durability of the mattress;
  • Ensures greater comfort and stability, cushioning the body's weight and the pressure exerted on the mattress.

    How to choose a perfect sommier?

    The center of any bedroom is the bed. Although it is not difficult, choosing the sommier will define the atmosphere of your room. A good sommier is resistant, stable, acts as a shock absorber and provides maximum comfort and support for your mattress, maintaining its characteristics for longer.

    Which sommier is right for me?

    We present each one of them so that you can choose the one that is ideal for you. Choose your future sommier based on the characteristics of your mattress!

    Slatted sommier

    It is the most classic model. Wooden slats are fixed to a frame. Spaced apart, they allow for greater air circulation and therefore better and greater ventilation of the mattress. The slatted sommier is recommended for all types of mattresses.

    For example, the modern and elegant design makes the Sommier Koala the perfect bed base. A refined and subtle touch that will add charm to your bedroom, with the comfort of the Koala mattress. It features innovative technology for assembly in just 15 minutes. Its structure guarantees the correct dissipation of heat and the support of your Koala mattress, with a height of 31cm.

    Sommier with springs

    The boxsprings can only be associated with spring mattresses. Thanks to a balanced distribution of the springs, it provides softness, however the springs can become noisy and deteriorate over time, possibly damaging the mattress.

    Lined sommier

    The upholstered sommiers are made up of a fabric-covered frame, which protects against possible impacts and increases the quality of comfort.

    We distinguish the sommiers lined boxspring, with coated or visible slats. Lightness and ventilation are the main advantages of having the slats exposed. Do you prefer firmness? Then opt for a model with coated rigid slats. Remember, however, that it will be less ventilated.

    Relaxation sommier

    Flexible to taste, it can be adjusted depending on the position in which you sleep. This articulated model (manually or electrically regulated) with feet and head that lift up requires a specific mattress.

    For example, Koala Rest , a 100% Portuguese brand, has created a unique mattress with universal comfort that adapts to this type of sommiers, with 3 different layers that meet the needs of the Portuguese.

    How to take care of your sommier?

    You can use a vacuum cleaner or microfiber cloths to dust your sommier. In the case of upholstered sommiers, it is preferable to carry out a steam cleaning. Don't forget to air out your room every day to eliminate body moisture produced during the night.

    Environment with sommier


    Don't forget that a perfect sommier is just as important as having a good mattress or pillow.

    All mattresses need support. When it comes to choosing a sommier, factors such as its composition and resistance must be taken into account. Each support has advantages and disadvantages, but in general terms, you should always prioritize the quality of all aspects that make up a sommier.