koala sleepers

We created the “Koala Sleepers”, a challenge to discover the biggest Sleeper in Portugal! After hundreds of participations, 15 nap fans were selected for the final challenge.

Big Winner Koala Sleepers


Have you ever thought about taking a nap at the bottom of the sea?

Sleeper Koala Eduardo Lopes yes!

He went to the bottom of the sea to take a nap to win the prize for the Greatest Sleeper in Portugal... and he won €1,000... with his eyes closed!


The final phase of "Dorminhocos Koala", had very original and creative participation!

Therefore, we decided to highlight 2 of these photos with Honorable Mentions.

Katia Teixeira

"I hung it on my clothesline Sleep, laziness and dreams."

Nuno Lourenço

"I'm not a Koala yet, but the way I'm clinging to this cannon, I might as well pass for a Koala Sleeper."

Be a Koala Sleeper too!

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