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Payment Solutions

Koala offers fractional payment solutions with Cofidis Pay (up to 12x) and Klarna (up to 3x). No interest, no hassle and no worries.


Pay up to 12x without interest with Cofidis Pay

  • Payment up to 12x without interest and no additional costs
  • Fast and without bureaucracy
  • Works with any debit or credit card

The payment of the installments with 0% interest and charges will be made on the customer's debit or credit card through the payment solution based on a factoring contract between Cofidis and Koala. For further information please contact Cofidis, registered at Banco de Portugal with the number 921. 

Any questions during and after your purchase, Koala will always be available to help through the email or by phone 218 480 441.


Using Cofidis Pay is free. When subscribing, you do not pay interest or any other charges (including taxes and/or commissions), except in situations of failure to pay instalments within the agreed period.

You can request a Cofidis Pay payment with any debit or credit card, as long as it is issued by an institution authorized for this purpose in Portugal. The bank card must also be valid for thirty (30) days or more after the chosen reimbursement period and have the 3-D Secure functionality active. Prepaid cards are not accepted. Ownership of the documents submitted is mandatory.

Payment of the agreed installments is made monthly, automatically, using the payment method chosen and authorized by the Customer at the time of purchase and subscription to the Cofidis Pay solution: bank card debit or direct debit using IBAN. Installments relating to Cofidis Pay operations are always debited on the 1st of each month, and it is not possible to change the due date.

Any natural person of legal age, with a debit or credit card issued by an institution authorized for that purpose in Portugal, can use this payment option.

You can pay from 3 to 12 interest-free installments for orders valued between €60 and €1,000.

For more information visit: Cofidis Pay.

Pagamento fracionado

Pague até 3x sem juros com a Klarna

  • Sem registos complicados e sem envio de documentos 
  • Aprovação no momento
  • Funciona com qualquer cartão de débito ou crédito

Qualquer questão durante e após a sua compra, a Koala estará sempre ao dispor para ajudar através do email ou pelo telefone 218 480 441.


There is no cost to use this payment option. Just download the app and follow three simple steps. There are no interest or other associated costs.

Yes. You can use any debit or credit card you already have.

The first payment is deducted when you log out of the store website and the remaining 2 payments are deducted every 30 days.Your payments are automatically deducted from your associated card, according to the agreed payment plan, but you can make advance payments whenever you want.You will not incur any interest costs as long as you pay your agreed monthly payments.All major credit and debit cards are accepted.

Any natural person of legal age with a debit or credit card can use this payment option. For more information click here.

You can use Klarna for purchases of any amount, with no minimum purchase required

For more information visit KLARNA website.

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