1- The present regulation is intended to define the form of participation and functioning of the “ Koala Cupido ” Contest organized by Koala Rest.

1.1- The promotion of this competition is the responsibility of Koala Rest, headquartered at Rua José Farinha, N.º20, 2.ºB in Lisbon;
1.2- Participation must be done on Facebook, filling out the membership form and sharing a post alluding to the Koala Cupido Pastime;
1.3- It is mandatory to submit the tag of a friend on Facebook when participating;
1.4- The post and profile must be public to guarantee participation in the giveaway.
1.5- Participation in this pastime is free;

2- Koala Rest is not responsible for any claim, controversy or damage caused by the violation of any intellectual property rights;

2.1- The giveaway will run until February 14, 2019, at 10:00 pm;
2.2- Prize winners will be notified through the social network in which they submitted their participation;
2.3- Participation in the competition “ Koala Cupido ” by a minor under 18 years old implies the automatic declaration of the same in which he obtained the prior and express authorization of the holder(s) of parental responsibilities;
2.4- The prize is personal and non-transferable, it cannot be refunded or exchanged for the equivalent in cash, nor is it convertible into another prize. The winner cannot be compensated if, for reasons beyond the control of Koala Rest, he cannot use the prize;
2.5- Participants grant Koala Rest the right to use, document, archive and present the submitted content.
2.6- The participant's registration implies their consent to the processing of their data by Koala Rest for the purposes of the competition, the publication of their name and image in different media, namely TV, radio, billboards, newspapers, magazines, Internet , or other means of disclosure defined by Koala Rest;
2.7- The registration of the participant grants Koala Rest the right to use the editing of its performance, or part of it, in video and audio, with its own resources or through its partners, and its dissemination on all existing communication platforms or future;
2.8- The prize to be awarded within the scope of this contest constitutes the only consideration for the contributions of the participants. There will be no remuneration for participating in the pastime and for using the prize;
2.9- Koala Rest does not support the expenses of participants in the competition;
2.10- Fraud or attempted fraud will be subject to monitoring and may be rejected and the user banned from the pastime and future votes;
2.11- It is the responsibility of the winners to provide all the information necessary for the correct attribution of the prize.
2.12- Persons linked to Koala Rest by work or professional means, as well as their first-degree relatives, cannot participate in this promotion;
2.13- Koala Rest reserves the right to suspend this promotion in case of irregularities in the participation process as well as for any other cause beyond the control of Koala Rest;
2.14- Koala Rest reserves the right, at any time, to adjust and/or change the rules of the competition, cancel or suspend it, without this granting participants any rights to indemnity or compensation;
2.15- In case of error, misunderstanding or conflict regarding the operation of any aspects of this competition, the decision taken by Koala Rest will be considered final and irrevocable;
2.16- All doubts about the interpretation of the terms and conditions and omissions related to the competition will be analyzed and decided by Koala Rest;
2.17- Koala Rest reserves the right to disqualify any participant who does not comply with this regulation;
2.18- Koala Rest's decision is sovereign, irrevocable and not subject to complaint;
2.19- Participation in this contest implies full acceptance of these rules;

3- Prizes:

Jury Prize – Koala Rest will elect the most creative entries that will be rewarded with a Koala mattress in one of the sizes available for sale on the website www.koalarest.com.

4- Notes:

4.1- The winners will be contacted through the participation social network, and must subsequently contact Koala Rest via email zzz@koalarest.com