Koala Mattress
Koala Mattress
Koala Mattress
Koala Mattress

Koala Mattress

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✓ 100-night home trial
✓ Free delivery in Portugal: Mainland and Islands
✓ Koala Mattress thickness: 25cm (includes slipcover)

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Dimensions:160x200 cm
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The Koala mattress was designed in Portugal and for the Portuguese climate.

It has 3 distinct layers that isolate the partner's movements, relieves the pressure points and maintains a correct posture. Includes free stretch fabric protective slipcover. If you wish, you can customize your mattress with a double waterproof Koala slipcover.


A Portuguese brand without intermediaries, which provides you with quality at a fairer price.
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Top layer of micro-perforated hybrid latex for cooler sleep

Includes a protective slipcover, made from breathable stretch fabric, removable with zipper and machine washable.


Designed with the best materials

The Koala Mattress combines the advantages of each material for a superior level of comfort.

An innovative mattress with three distinct high-quality layers that isolate the partner's movements, relieves pressure points, maintains correct posture and a fresh sleep, night after night.

1 – Hybrid Latex layer with 3 cm, 70kg/m³, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

More firmness and elasticity for the support your body needs.
Microperforated layer for greater breathability and freshness.

2 - Memory foam layer with 4 cm, 50kg/m³

The mattress adjusts to the contours of your body, relieving pressure on your shoulders and pelvis so that you feel like you're floating without sinking.

3 - Supporting foam layer with 18 cm, 30kg/m³

It reinforces the properties of the upper layers and protects the body from the rigid surface of the slats, base or sommier.

4 – Breathable stretch fabric protective slipcover

Removable with zipper and washable.
Cover included free with your new Koala Mattress.

Because sleeping well is essential for your quality of life


Koala Protective Slipcover

The Koala Mattress includes the Koala Protective Slipcover. Mattress slipcover is hypoallergenic, breathable and highly durable stretch fabric. The slipcover was created to completely wrap around the Koala Mattress. It is removable with a zipper and machine washable.If you wish, you may customize your mattress with a Double Waterproof Koala Slipcover.

Hypoallergenic protection

All materials are hypoallergenic, preventing the accumulation of mites, fungi or bacteria inside.

Motion Isolation

The natural properties of our foams guarantee mattress ability to isolate movement where it occurs. Thus, both members of the couple will be able to have restful nights of sleep without interruptions.


Koala is a universal comfort mattress, which provides a firmness level of 7 on a scale of 0 to 10. The surface adapts to each pressure point, regardless of your weight or height, for a firm but comfortable sleep.

Fall in love with a dream atmosphere

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Koala Mattress
Koala Mattress
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Made in Portugal

We are a 100% Portuguese brand that creates innovative products made in Portugal, designed according to the climate and preferences of Portuguese consumers.
We provide you with quality at the fairest price.

Prepared for any type of base

The Koala Mattress was designed to be used on any bed. You can use it on Sommiers, slatted frames, manual or electric articulated platforms.

Free delivery to your doorstep

Receive the Koala Mattress free of charge on the same day in Lisbon and Porto areas, or within 24 hours in the rest of the country, for orders up to 4pm, after placing the order. We will contact you to schedule delivery on your preferred day.

For more convenience

Vacuum technology removes air from the mattress, compressing it into an easy-to-carry box.


Our certificates attest to compliance with the highest standards (Class I) of ecological safety and human safety.

OEKO TEX ® Class I certificate

euroLATEX Eco Standard Certified

Tested and approved to ISO 845,2439,1798, 3386/1 and 1856 standards


4.9 star rating

SPECTACULAR, REALLY. I was surprised from the first night I slept on the mattress, quite “cozy”, “cozy” and ideal for back pain. VERY VERY GOOD.

José Ribeiro, 05/22/2023


Koala's sleeping experience is the result of a balanced combination of three types of foam: hybrid latex (which cancels out movement transfer and allows heat dissipation), Memory Foam (which allows the mattress to conform to the contours of your body ) and support foam (which prevents the feeling of sinking in ensuring optimal support and durability).

The combination of Koala foams is the result of tests with more than 5,000 hours of sleep that allowed us to find the right combination of support, firmness and comfort that correspond to the Portuguese preferences and climate.

A mattress is more comfortable the less you feel its surface when you lie down. Neither too firm nor too soft, we've found a solution that will make you feel like you're floating in your sleep.

We believe that it is only possible to really test a mattress by sleeping on it a few nights, something that in-store testing We believe that it is only possible to really test a mattress by sleeping a few nights on it, something that in-store testing does not allow and may even be misleading. That's why we guarantee a 100-night trial period on our mattresses. If it is not the ideal mattress for you, you can request it to be collected from your home completely free of charge and we will refund the full amount paid.

The Koala mattress is sent by courier and delivered to your door. Through vacuum compression technology, we were able to remove most of the air inside the foams. In this way, we substantially reduced the size of the mattress and rolled it up to fit in an easily transportable box. At home, all you have to do is break the protective bag and the mattress will return to its normal size in less than 1 minute.

Receive it on the same day in Lisbon and Porto areas or in 24 hours in the rest of the country. If you prefer, choose a day of your convenience.

The Koala mattress is produced in the factory and delivered directly to our customer's home. By selling directly from the factory, we have no costs with intermediaries or with commissions paid to sellers. This allows us to use the best materials and still transfer great savings to you.

In the very unlikely event that you are not 100% satisfied with the Koala, you can email us at dormirbem@koalarest.com or call +351 218 480 441 and request the collection of the mattress. We will schedule the free collection and refund the full amount paid.

Koala Rest's mission is to improve the comfort conditions of all Portuguese people. We especially include those most disadvantaged whose living circumstances do not allow them to have the economic conditions to buy a quality mattress. That's why we donate the mattresses to one of the charitable institutions with which we have collaboration protocols.

The Koala mattress is 100% produced in Portugal!

The Koala has an intermediate firmness of 7 on a scale of 0 to 10, being firm and comfortable.

Regular washing of the Koala mattress slipcover in the washing machine is the most effective way to ensure its hygiene and cleanliness. For a Koala mattress slipcover that is always clean and ready to use, we recommend machine washing at 30 degrees - no bleach - medium-low spin and air drying. Do not dry clean.